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Suzanne - Assistant Manager


Assistant Manager

  • Name, age, and role: Suzanne, 35, assistant manager
  • Place of Birth: Bromsgrove
  • Star Sign: Taurus
  • How long have you worked at Loxleys and what did you do before?: I've worked here about two-and-a-half years.I did all sorts of things before this, from working in other restaurants to being an estate agent. 
  • Why Loxleys: I liked the idea of working for an independent business - somewhere family-run - and thought Loxleys stood out in Stratford as a family-run independent with a great atmosphere, somewhere that would be a good place to work.
  • What's your biggest career influence: I've had a few great managers and they've inspired me to be the best manager I can be.  
  • What's your favourite part of the job?: Making customers happy, and working with a happy, hard-working team. Every service at Loxleys is a busy service thanks to its reputation and while a busy service is hard it's a real buzz to see the restaurant full of everyone from regulars to first-time visitors all having a great time. 
  • Describe your perfect day: Coffee with friends, followed by a nice long lunch and then relaxing on the sofa with a good film. Gin would probably have to be involved at some point too. 
  • In 5 Years I Want To Be: I love hospitality as a career and want to continue learning as much as I can and providing the best front-of-house service possible. 
  • Favourite Food: Pizza
  • Favourite Wine: New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc and Malbec Mendoza
  • Favourite Holiday Destination: Majorca
  • You may be Interested to know: I've got a degree in Marketing Management