Loxleys statement on Covid-19

Loxleys statement on Covid-19

Published: 18th March 2020 | By: Admin

At Loxleys nothing is more important to us than the safety of our guests and our staff. We appreciate that these are particularly worrying times for everyone across the world and the situation is changing constantly.

As things stand, our doors remain open until we are otherwise instructed. We completely respect and understand the government's advice to people when it comes to bars, restaurants, pubs and theatres. However, as we're sure you'll understand, if we close our doors that will have a huge impact on our staff and our suppliers.

We're not encouraging anyone to take any unnecessary risks or go against any advice, but if you do decide you want to come and join us, we are here and happy to serve you.

Hygiene is always top priority for us here at Loxleys, but we have also put a range of extra measures in place to ensure our guests' safety. We have installed a hand sanitiser by the front door and every customer will be asked to use this before they can enter the restaurant.

Additionally, we are assisting with social distancing and will be seating customers throughout the restaurant to ensure there is plenty of space between you and other diners.

Of course, we would ask that anyone who may have shown any symptoms does not come to the restaurant and everyone takes sensible precautions according to official advice. As you'd expect, we're watching the advice constantly and will keep you updated as we do everything we can to protect the whole of the Loxleys family, our staff included.

If there's anything you want to discuss please don't hesitate to call the restaurant on 01789 292128.