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Eilis - Front of House (Waitress and Bartender)


Front of House (Waitress and Bartender)

  • Name, age, and role: Eilis, 28, Front of House (waitress and bartender)
  • Place of Birth: Cambridge, England- but I grew up in South Bend, Indiana!
  • Star Sign: Aries
  • How long have you worked at Loxleys and what did you do before?: I’ve been at Loxleys for nine months! I’ve worked at a few different restaurants, but I’m currently a full time PhD student studying Shakespeare.
  • Why Loxleys: Loxleys is a great place to work! The staff is like a little family, and we are always busy busy taking care of wonderful guests - both our regulars and lots of interesting people from all over the world who are visiting Stratford.
  • What's your biggest career influence: Working at a restaurant brings a nice balance to my life. I love working with food and with people as I pursue my career in academia. Working at Loxleys has taught me the value of hard work, no matter what your job is!
  • What's your favourite part of the job?: As a research student, I spend a lot of time in libraries and writing, so my favourite part of the job is interacting with lots of different people! 
  • Hobbies: Reading, going to plays and gigs, yoga, trying new foods
  • Describe your perfect day: Being outdoors in the sun with good friends!
  • In 5 Years I Want To Be: A lecturer of English Literature
  • Favourite Food: Too difficult! I love all food! Especially lasagne though.
  • Favourite Wine: Loxleys New Zealand Longbend Sauvignon Blanc!
  • Favourite Holiday Destination: Greece
  • You may be Interested to know: My name is pronounced A-lish, its Irish for Elizabeth!