Healthy doesn't have to be boring

Healthy doesn't have to be boring

Published: 16th August 2019 | By: Admin

Prepared and cooked in the right way, healthier options can be as much of a taste sensation as their more indulgent relatives on the menu. Our senior sous chef Chris Butler has shared a few tips on how he makes sure the healthy dishes on the Loxleys menu are just as popular as everything else on there.

Pack a dish full of different flavours

Great tasting food is all about flavour, says Chris. And every great dish should take people on a real journey as they try everything on the plate, so pack it full of different, interesting flavours. Take the Loxleys Super 12 salad - the secret's in the name. There are no fewer than 12 ingredients in this salad, which is one of Loxleys' popular dishes. From quinoa to Cape Gooseberries and beetroot to bean sprouts, there's plenty to keep the palate guessing.

Use all the colours of the rainbow

It's a well-known fact that people eat with their eyes - that's why it's important that every plate of food looks as good as it tastes. Making dishes look attractive is something Loxleys prides itself on, says Chris. The smoked tofu, puy lentil and aubergine fritters - a new vegan-friendly addition to the menu - is a rainbow on a plate, boasting vivid colours as well as flavours with the combination of Buffalo cauliflower, pepper puree, tomato & smoked chilli salsa.

Make sure you season everything

Seasoning is the key for any dish, says Chris, whether it's steak, fish or a side dish. Taste as you go along and make sure you're not shy on seasoning to bring out the flavours on the plate. People are nervous about adding too much salt and pepper, but Chris says you're unlikely to over-season so go for it.

Get the freshest of ingredients

It sounds obvious but using top quality ingredients really is important. From quality fish and meat to seasonal veg, using fresh ingredients will ensure each dish is tasty as well as healthy. In the same way a restaurant like Loxleys does, make sure you find trusted places to buy your meat, fish and veg from so you can guarantee flavour as well as freshness.

Think about texture

People often forget about texture when it comes to all food - but especially healthy dishes. There’s a reason why all Loxleys' dishes including the healthier options include a range of textures, says Chris, because it's about keeping things interesting and encouraging people to enjoy every single element of their dish - not just the main event.