Introducing.... Loxleys love stories

Introducing.... Loxleys love stories

Published: 9th March 2020 | By: Admin

Perhaps it’s the beautifully-prepared food that’s guaranteed to impress, or maybe it’s our drinks list that offers everything from cocktails to a great bottle of wine or fizz. It could be the chic, cosy interior that creates just the right ambience for a special occasion or perhaps it’s the fact that our staff are renowned for going above and beyond when it comes to making sure your visit to Loxleys is special. 

Whatever it is, we’ve decided that we want to share some of the lovely Loxleys love stories that we’ve been lucky enough to be a part of. We’ll be posting a few little tales of romance, care and attention over on our social media channels to get the ball rolling and we hope if you have a #Loxleyslovestory you’ll share them too and help spread a bit of love.

To kick things off, we want to share a story of a proposal that kicked off 2020 in style. Russell Pope,49, and partner Stacy Rose, 29, travelled from Torquay to join us for New Year’s Eve. But little did Stacy know that Russell was planning to stage his proposal at our restaurant in Stratford-upon-Avon.

Russell & Stacy's Loxleys Love Story

Tell us a bit about you and Stacy

We live in Torquay, we’ve been together for 18 months now and we met at work. I’m a Director of Retail Operations for a national company and Stacy also works for a national retail company.

Why did you plan your proposal in a Stratford restaurant?

We have visited Stratford on two occasions over the last 12 months and have eaten at a couple of restaurants in the same street as Loxleys. We decided we were going to go away for NYE and book a nice hotel and restaurant and we’ve always liked the look of Loxleys so after reading the great reviews and spotting that they were throwing a fabulous New Year bash with entertainment we decided it was just what we were looking for. It also fitted perfectly into my plan to ask Stacy to marry me on the stroke of midnight!

How did the night unfold?

We were staying at the Macdonald Alveston Manor Hotel for two nights including NYE. I had already picked up Stacy’s engagement ring from a jeweller’s in Exeter and had it hidden in the liner of my suitcase. On NYE we walked across the bridge and arrived at the restaurant with the ring in my blazer pocket.

Stacy had worn a brand new pair of shoes to match her dress and they were killing her, so halfway through the night as the wine was flowing I asked if she wanted me to go back to the hotel and swap them for her favourite pair of heels. I went off to do the swap - it turns out that the other couples eating in the same room thought I had left Stacy on her own and buggered off. Little did they know it was the complete opposite!

I returned with the shoes she loves and we carried on our evening listening to Georgia Burgess and enjoying some of Loxleys’ lovely cocktails. Before I knew it, it was the countdown to midnight. I had ordered a fine bottle of Champagne which was chilling nicely on our table ready for the clock to strike midnight.

We celebrated the new year and while the party was in full swing, I pulled out the ring, got down on one knee and popped the question. The whole room erupted and everyone went into party mode, ordering bottles of champagne and celebrating with us.

It really was the perfect place to celebrate such a special moment and thanks to Loxleys we’ve got amazing memories that we’ll never, ever forget. And in case you wondered, she said yes!

Other Loxleys Love Stories

That’s just one of so many amazing Loxleys love stories. They include our very own general manager Jonathan, who met fiancee Juliette when she got a front of house job at Loxleys.

The couple are due to tie the knot this year and Jonathan is convinced there’s something a little bit special about Loxleys when it comes to love. "Doing this job as a couple is lovely because we get to meet all the same people, who become friends," he says.

“Loxleys has something I can’t explain... it’s got a warming, romantic feeling. Our building has smaller dining rooms split into different shapes and sizes, all with their own unique feeling and atmosphere making Loxleys the perfect place for date night! We've had many proposals, who now come yearly for anniversaries, as well as pregnancies, dates and all sorts of other occasions. You name it, Loxleys has had it!”

Head over to our social media to see more Loxleys love stories and don’t forget to share your own magical moments.

If you’re planning a proposal in Stratford-upon-Avon, or any type of special occasion, from an anniversary celebration at a top Stratford restaurant to a birthday party, or even just a romantic restaurant in Stratford, make sure you let us know so we can help make it as memorable as possible for all the right reasons.