Local charity Lifespace welcomes 'Loxleys mentor' to help young people

Local charity Lifespace welcomes 'Loxleys mentor' to help young people

Published: 16th February 2022 | By: Admin

LifeSpace, which supports young people's wellbeing with one-to-one mentoring, group activities and leadership opportunities has welcomed 10 new volunteers who are being trained ready to offer support to children and young people across Stratford and South Warwickshire.

The team includes a mentor funded by Loxleys after we pledged our support to Lifespace as part of our ongoing dedication to helping the local community.

Lifespace, which is also based in Stratford, works with young people aged 7 to 19 to build their self-esteem, resilience and confidence to thrive. The charity supported 555 young people in 2021.

Its work comes as young people's mental health continues to be a cause for concern, both locally and nationally, with figures showing that 50% of mental health issues are established by the age of 14 and 75% by the age of 24. In an average classroom of thirty 15 year-olds, 10 are likely to have watched their parents separate, seven are likely to have been bullied, six may be self-harming and one has experienced the death of a parent.

Lifespace runs programmes in primary, secondary and special schools across South Warwickshire, as well as working individually with families, children and young people and other agencies. It is also set to launch a community-based mentoring programme with partner Escape Arts in 2022.

The charity's latest new recruits bring skills, compassion and life experience to the charity's committed team of 14 part-time staff and 30 volunteers. Its new volunteer mentors will support young people on a one-to-one basis in schools, in the community and online. One of those mentor roles is being funded for a year by Loxleys, which is also funding a six-week workshop to help eight young people from the area.

Bobby Sira, the 'Loxleys mento' said he was inspired to volunteer after working with a friend who is already a mentor on a project to bring mindfulness to young people who are struggling. Bobby, who is from Leamington Spa and works as a pharmacist at Stratford Hospital, said: "I previously experienced the fulfillment of being able to help young people and inspire them to build their resilience, self-esteem and confidence, so I decided I want to do something more to give back and take time to help others with some of the knowledge and experience I've gained through life and work.

Lifespace CEO Rachel Key said: "Our work is based on what young people tell us they need - someone they trust, who will listen, won't judge and will encourage them to find their own answers to the challenges they face. Our mentors proved how important this is during the pandemic, staying connected with young people when they needed them most, and continuing to support them now they're back in school."

"More mentors means that we can offer young people more ways to connect with us, as soon as life gets tough and for as long as they need it. We're grateful both to our volunteers and to Loxleys for choosing us as their nominated local charity and funding one of our mentors for a whole year."

Loxleys' pledge of support is part of efforts by the Sheep Street restaurant, which regularly supports local causes and charities, to help the local community. Jonathan Lea, director and general manager at Loxleys, said: "At Loxleys we'e always tried to do something to support the local community, but in 2021 we very much wanted to make that support a long-term pledge to a local charity. Lifespace does amazing work to help children and young people and we know it has been an incredibly challenging time for so many people, so we wanted to do something that would give practical help to those who need it most.

"We're thrilled that Bobby has started training as the Loxleys mentor for Lifespace, and are looking forward to coming up with more ways to support the charity in the coming months and ensure it can help even more young people in the area."